Cast Resin Transformer

Cast resin transformer

The high voltage coil of this dry type transformer is fabricated with metal conductors such as copper and aluminum. These conductors are also covered with class F insulation that could withstand up to 155 degree celsius. The insulation is made of resin with reinforced glass fiber. An expansion coefficient of both glass and fiber is almost similar, thus, this could reduce the chance of coil breaking when operating the transformer in high temperature.

The resin casting process is done under vacuum conditions. This method results in an excellent void-free coil.

This dry type transformer is usually installed in a location that is needed to be safe from fire (ex. inside the building, hospital). When there’re short circuit or bomb explosion, this transformer will not be ignited.

Key Features

  • Strong overload capability
  • High electrical performance
  • Low partial discharge
  • Good cracking resistance performance
  • Good environmental protection characteristic
  • Low noise, Low loss
  • Technology from Siemens in Germany


SCB11 10kV


SCB11 35kV


SCB11 35kV with OLTC

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