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Founded by Mr. Praves Nuntiruj, and succeeded by Mr Thaweewat Nuntiruj (MD), Thai Trafo Manufacturing (TTM) started humbly in 1986 as a transformer manufacturer, in Thailand, with its own pioneer team of electrical engineers, producing distribution transformers, serving mainly the domestic market of Thailand.

Over the past 32 years of establishment, TTM had dynamically evolved beyond boundary and developed as a full fledged company continually expanding into other overseas markets in the Asia-Pacific and South Africa. Exploring new breakthroughs in serving these markets, the company has also ventured into new areas of development, which include extending its capabilities to power transformer technology.

And having served our loyal customers from the government, state enterprises and private sectors, the wide recognition and solid reputation which TTM has earned in high quality-durable transformer manufacturing is the best testament to the effort and commitment which TTM management and staff jointly put into this business.

While moving forward into the future, TTM will continue to strive towards making new pathways into other potential regions, wherever the need for transformer arises.

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