Ring Main Unit Type GR1

Ring Main Unit Type GR1

A) Key Features

  • SF6 gas insulation and current interruption - No fire hazard
  • Maintenance free and sealed for life contact system
  • Outdoor installation
  • Robust construction
  • Tee-off circuit breaker with integral protection system
  • Low cost cable termination
  • Fully extensible options
  • Internal arc-fault proven
  • Motorised
  • Protection Relay

B) Safety

Tamco regards safety as the most important aspect of switchgear design and operation, and the following proven safety features have been built into the type GR1.

  • No exposure to live parts
  • Passive interlocks to prohibit unintended operations
  • Comprehensive padlocking facilities
  • Mimic diagram and position indicators to guide the operator
  • Full fault rated earthing switches
  • Arc fault tested

C) Compliance

Tamco operates a quality system in line with ISO 9001.
In addition to in-house routine and type tests, all switchgear products are short-circuit proven at independent test stations. The type GR1 has been tested and certified by KEMA.

Compliance with:

  • IEC60056:1987, BS5311:1988 Tee-off Circuit Breaker
  • IEC60265:1983, BS5463:1977 Ring Switch
  • IEC60129:1984, BS5253:1975 Earthing Switch

Temperature Range +40°C to -25°C

D) Specification

  • Rated Voltage: 12kV
  • Impulse Withstand Voltage: 95kVp
  • Frequency: 50Hz
  • Normal Current, Ring Switch: 630A
  • CB: 630A
  • Short-circuit Breaking Current, CB: 20kA
  • Short-time Withstand Current: 20kA’ , 3 Seconds
  • Short-circuit Making Current: 50kAP
  • Ring Switch: 50kAP
  • Earthing Switch: 50kAP

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