VHIH VHID 12kV Air Insulted Switchgear


A) Design Concept & Key Features

Safety & Interlocks

VHIH is Internal Arc Fault type tested up to 31kA for 1 sec. This offers the highest level of safety in the unlikely event of internal arc fault.

The detailed instructions about operations & interlocks are screen printed on the VCB compartment door for convenience.

Moreover, the front viewing window shows a clear visual display of circuit breaker position, ON/OFF condition, spring charged/discharged and earthing switch status.

Ease of Operation

The VCB compartment is fitted with a padlockable front door which not only provides a flush frontage to the switch-board line up, but also upholds the integrity of the ingress protection (IP) rating even the VCB is isolated or withdrawn.

Smart Addition

Panel coupling at site is made simple and safe through easily accessible busbar connections and links.

Compact Dimension

The small footprint of VHIH leads to savings in space and cost of civil work. Even at a width of 700 mm, it offers spacious compartments allowing easy access for installation and maintenance.

More Space More Capabilities

Ample space is provided for terminating power cables to allow higher bending radius and reduced tension on terminal palms.

Stay Connected

At the heart of the switchgear is the vacuum circuit breaker (VCB). The circuit breaker is truck mounted, and adopts the proven horizontal Isolation/horizontal drawout principle.

Effective Customer Support

Dedicated executives and aftersales personnel cater to your installation, commissioning and maintenance needs.

B) Compliance

The switchgear is design and tested to EIC:

  • IEC60056, IEC62271-100 – High Voltage Circuit Breakers (1kV-52kV)
  • IEC60298, IEC62271-200 – High Voltage Metal Enclosed Switchgear(1kV-52kV)
  • IEC60056, IEC62271-102 – High Voltage Disconnectors & Earthing Switches
  • IEC60694, IEC62271-1 – High Voltage Switchgear and Controlgear: Common specifications • IEC60137 – Insulated Bushing
  • IEC60529 – Degree of Protection
  • The tests are performed at the independent test laboratories like KEMA, CESI etc.

Technical Data


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