GV3N 36kV 630A… 2500A 25/31.5kA Gas Insulted Switchgear

GV3N 36kV 630A

A) Design Concept

Small Foot Print

GV3N family has a modular construction with compact foot-print and robust design.

Thanks to its small foot print the cubicles are transportable in up to 4 panel lots with busbar, inter panel wires, earthing etc connected.

Customisable Design

TAMCO has designed the GV family switchgear keeping in mind the customer flexibility for cable termination either from front or rear with cable entry option from top or bottom.

Also customer have the option to choose busbar either in air or gas.

Environtment Friendly

GV3N uses -4.5Kg of SF6 gas as insulation medium. The quantity of SF6 gas is appreciably less than the conventional GIS switchgear.

Ease of Operation

Mimic diagrams and position indicators to guide the operators for operation. Additionally this reduces the chance of any special undesired operation. This is also ensures that no special training is required for the operators.

Safe Operations

GV3N is equipped with all mandatory interlocks and padlocks for fool proof operation. Extensive operational safety interlocks like PERMISSIVE interlock, PROOF OF EARTH, POINT OF ISOLATION etc. are incorporated into the product. Fully IAF type tested for 1 sec duration and all operation behind close door provides maximum safety to the operators.

Maximum Reliability

TAMCO’s time proven mechanism having field experience of more than 40 years provides reliable switching operation. The component count has also been considerably reduced, hereby providing higher reliability.

Ease of Installation

Installation and commissioning at site does not require SF6 handling at site. This simplifies the planning and reduces the installation time.

Maintenace Free

The circuit breaker is hermitically sealed for life inside a gas tank. Touch proof option for busbar & cable ensure that no maintenance is required.

B) Key Features

  • Most compact foot print with rigid structure
  • VCB with SF6 gas insulation. Cable & Busbar are in air with touch proof connections
  • No SF6 gas handling at site
  • Safe, positive and fool proof interlocks
  • Cable door cannot be opened except when cable are earthed for operator safety
  • Pad-lockable VCB & 3-position motorized Disconnector
  • Fully modular design with extension on both sides
  • SF6 gas content - 4.5kg
  • Front cable entry & no rear clearance required
  • Optional top, bottom, rear cable entry available

C) Compliance

Products are tested at international Labs such as CESI (Italy), KEMA (Netherlands) as per:

  • IEC62271 – 100 : High Voltage Circuit Breakers (1kV – 52 kV)
  • IEC62271 – 200 : High Voltage Metal Enclosed Switchgear (1kV – 52kV)
  • IEC62271 – 102 : High Voltage Disconnectors & Earthing Switches
  • IEC60376 : SF6 gas
  • IEC60480 : SF6 gas checks
  • IEC62271 – 1 : High Voltage switchgear and Controlgear – Common Specifications
  • IEC60137 : Insulated bushing • IEC60529 – IP : Degree of Protection

D) Safety

GV3N is designed to maximise safety in installation, Operation and maintenance. It complies with the latest IEC standards and fitted with all mandatory interlocks are recommended by the international standards.



  • Disconnector can be operated only when VCB is in “OFF” condition.
  • VCB can’t be operated, either mechanically or electrically, when Disconnector is accessed.


  • Allows the operation of Disconnector to “EARTH” only when key is trapped.
  • The key can’t be removed when Disconnector is in “EARTH” position.


  • Restricts the Disconnector to be moved to “ON” position if the POI is established (i.e. closed).


  • Key can’t be removed in any position other than when cables have been connected to “EARTH”.
  • Allows operation of Disconnector from “EARTH” to “OFF” only when key is trapped.


  • The opening of cable access cover is not possible unless the cable have been connected to “EARTH”.
  • Disconnector operation is not possible if the cable access cover is “OPEN”

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